Life Skill Mastery

19 Lessons

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19 Lessons in Life Skill Mastery:

Introduction - Life Skill Mastery

The objective is to touch as many lives as possible, providing enduring values in the process and transform the future generations of the society to become better citizens of this world.

1- Successful People vs Unsuccessful People

Difference between Successful People and Unsuccessful People

2- Focus – Key to Achievement

Importants of focus and how to do it

3- Delegation an Unavoidable Steps in Smart Work

4- The Best Way to Manage Your Time

5- My Daily Planner

6- Setting a GOAL alone won’t help you to achieve _Part1

7- Setting a GOAL alone won’t help you to achieve _Part2

8- Proven Steps to Improve Your Confidence Level

9- 6 Proven Steps to Be More Assertive

10- 15 Golden Steps to Prepare for Exams

11- Qualities of Extremely Valuable Employees

12- 20 P’s of Happy & Successful People

13- Way to Right Mindset

14- 6 Important Tips to Enhance Your Success Mindset

15- 10 Qualities to Become a Good Leader

16- Tips to Come Out of Procrastination Habit

17- Effective Ways to Manage Your Anger

18- Freedom from Fear & Don't Worry