Mind Power Mastery - Advanced

The ultimate Mind Power Mastery Course to lead life happily and successfully. About Mind Power Mastery Course Our mind can create wonderful things -- if we know how to use that power and how to send the right messages to our subconscious mind. Most people don't know how to do this. We do not use even half the capacity of mind. Continuous thoughts create impulses on the subconscious mind and influence our personality. Thus, mind power and subconscious mind work together and mold your reality. Our Mind Mastery program will help you the same in the right way.

24 Lessons

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24 Lessons in Mind Power Mastery - Advanced:

Introduction - Dinoj Damodar

Introduction to Mind Power Mastery

Chapter 1 – Sharp & Smart Work

Chapter 2- Power of Conscious Mind

Chapter 3.1 – Power of Subconscious Mind - Part 1

Chapter 3.2 – Power of Subconscious Mind - Part 2

Chapter 3.3 – Power of Subconscious Mind - Part 3

Chapter 4 - Steps to Our Own Programming

Chapter 5 - My Life Plan

Chapter 6 – Healing and Other Techniques

Materials to Download: Autosuggestion Book

Materials to Download: Gratitude Journal

Materials to Download: Mind Power Mastery - Study Book

Materials to Download: My Life Plan

Materials to Download: Prayer of Mind

Relaxation: Asking Forgiveness

Relaxation: Giving Forgiveness

Relaxation: Gratitude

Relaxation: Mental Social Spiritual Relaxation

Relaxation: Physical

Prayer of Minds- Audio

Relaxation: Relationship

Relaxation: Practical

Relaxation - Mindfulness