Mind Power Mastery Intermediate

Mind Power Mastery Intermediate / Power of Minds

Whatever a human mind can conceive and believe. It can achieve... Every person is born to be successful and happy. Failure, unhappiness, and mental unrest are produced by negative thinking and disempowering, beliefs, which we harbor and nurture willingly. We can achieve anything and everything we desire in life. We have the power to do so within ourselves. All we need is to recognize and understand the power of our mind, scientifically. Once we do so, we can utilize it to the maximum possible extent. If you learn how to activate your subconscious mind and give commands, all your dreams can become a reality.

Mind Power Mastery Intermediate: Below mentioned are the things you are going to learning from this course.


1.       Sharp Work : If you think only hard work going to make you successful, it's wrong. We should do 40% sharp work

2.       Smart Work : Smart work is a key to get the right result and it holds 40% weightage on your success

3.       5 Stages of Mind : Which stage of mind you should attain to achieve success

4.       Goal Setting : How to set GOALS

5.       Evidence of Unlimited Power of Our Mind : What are evidence of unlimited power of our minds

6.       Three Stage of Bodies : The three stages of an idea to results

7.       Experts on Mind : What are experts view on our mind

8.       Formula to Achieve Unlimited Capability : The formula that is using by most of the successful people on the planet

9.       What is Mind : Science of Mind

10.   Difference Between Two Minds : We can identify our both mins by learning these difference

11.   Powers of Minds : What are the basic power of two minds

12.   Why are we not able to use Power of Minds?

13.   What can be achieved by using the power of minds

14.   Power of Thoughts : Everything in the world what see was in the form of thought at the beginning

15.   Experts on Thoughts : Experts view on thoughts

16.   Science of Thoughts : Scientific explanation and statistics of thoughts

17.   Gates of Mind : The gates of mind to control our thoughts

18.   10 Scientific Ways to Manage Your Thoughts : Proven 10 ways to manage your thoughts

19.   Power of FOCUS: How important FOCUS in our life to achieve something and how to focus.

20.   SSS : How to Sow Seed of Success ( Practical )

21.   How Our Mind Works on Our Body ( Practical )

22.   How Our Thoughts Impact on Life ( Practical )

23.   How Powerful Our Thoughts are ( Practical )

24.   Guided Meditation practice

18 Lessons

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